Word for Leicester by Jane Hamon

Father I decree that a sound is going to go forth in the spirit, that is going to begin to awaken the Deborah’s to their destiny, their purpose, their season and their time, Lord we decree that it is time for something to shift over the city of Leicester,

it is time for things to shift over this region it is time for the Deborah’s and the Barraks to rise up to their place of positioning, Lord I pray that you will open every eye and every ear oh God, that you will return the voice to the women of this land.

And the spirit of the Lord says my daughters I want you to know that I will contend with him who has been contending with you, the Lord says he has been looking for this day and this time, where there will be a people that will arise with the anointing of Jeremiah on their lives, for the Lord said I spoke to Jeremiah, and said to him your anointing is to root up, to tear down, and destroy , then to build and plant.

And the Lord says to this Deborah company, I am putting the prophetic mantle of Jeremiah upon your lives that you may root up tear down and destroy every anti Christ agenda, every anti Christ decree over this city and root out the spirit of humanism, and you will root out the spirit of islam that you root out the spirit of the occult, so that my kingdom can be built and my will can be established in the earth the Lord said I want you to go to the gates the lord said I want you to take the airwaves, for I will call you to times of assemblies for you will stand and you will worship and you will prophecy and you will decree for I will put the keys in your hands that will begin to unlock things, the Lord said you will go to the government gate and your going to decree and prophecy at the government gate of this city the lord said I have put it in your hands ive given you keys to the kingdom in your hands and the Lord said you will bind things in the heavens and the earth, loose things in the heavens and the earth, the Lord said you will forbid and you will allow, go to the government gate and forbid the entrance of these false things forbid the antichrist agenda the Lord said when you begin to release those words the Lord said I have already armies in heaven that are mobilised to go and carry out those words, the Lord said go to the schools and prophecy to the schools, for the voice of the Lord shatters the enemy, the Lord said there is going to be an exposure that comes in the school systems of Leicester, the lord said they are going to put everything back on the table, to bring righteousness back in, decree righteousness,