Word for Leicester by Jane Hamon

And the Spirit of the Lord says, even over the people of this City, I want you to know that I have never needed a multitude to save by. The Lord says I am just as happy to save by a few as I am by saving by many. And the Lord says as a matter of fact there was a day when I told the people of God there are too many that are here and I took Gideon’s army down to a mere 300 men. But they were 300 men that shifted a nation out of bondage, and shifted the people out of poverty, and shifted the people out of besiegement of the enemy and shifted them into a whole new place of freedom and light and life.

And the Lord says that even as Gideon’s name meant ‘The Warrior’ the Lord says that his other name, Jerubael means ‘He who contends with Bael’. And the Lord says that I am raising up a Gideon generation in this city, that though there may seem to be few of you the Lord says, I am going to release my Gideon anointing; that warrior mantle upon you says the Lord. I am going to give you strategies in the Spirit to release a sound into the atmosphere over this city, a contending for sound. For the enemy has tried to fill the atmosphere of the city with occultic sounds and the sounds of idolatry and the sounds of false worship, but the Lord says, that Gideon went and over turned, over through the alters of Bael and began to build an alter for God.<!–more–>

So the Lord says, I’m saying, build an alter for God in this city. For you will overthrow anti-Christ alters, and anti-Christ structures says the Lord. But the Lord says, generation after generation the spirit of Bael has swallowed up the younger generation, poisoning their minds with anti-Christ agendas. But the Lord says, that over the last little season of time I have begun to shift things and there is a generation of young people that is coming up in this city says the Lord, which Bael has not been able to swallow. There is a generation of young, revolutionaries says the Spirit of God, who have a mantle on them says the Lord. It is not a religious mantle. It is not a mantle of pride, but it is a mantle of seeker after God. It is a mantle of saying, ‘we’re going to take this city!’

It is a Gideon release upon the younger generation. And the Lord says that I’m going to raise up out of this younger generation a worshiping, warring generation. And the Lord says that they’re going to have in their hands, the power to shift things.