Prophetic Word to Leicester from Martin Scott







1) Incredible new freedom for intercession and intercessors. A release for them, no longer feeling marginalized or fighting for space, but being in right place at right time. God is going begin to connect the issue of intercession across the city.

2) Next season of warfare in this city marked by extravagant worship. Worship is a major key in next season. God is going to raise up new sounds and even new worship leaders. High praises becoming major in this city. A sound made that is like heaven itself. It will attract the angels to this place, responding to the sound of heaven.

3) All over the city, as this is happening, a pushing through in one place and then another, in diversity of places and sizes. (No word on this but)be good to see, right at the beginning of next year, open season for some extravagant gatherings of the people of God. These 6 months are critical to launch what God wants to do for 2009 and the next 3 years after that – a continual wave of God’s glory coming!

4) 6 months (NB June 08 – Jan 09) marked by awesome reconciliations of those who have not been able to walk together, change of heart, leaving past behind. Church and family relationships – a spirit of reconciliation.

5) Leicester has got to become a place on the radar for apostolic ministries from different lands. They will hear in the Spirit that Leicester is a place you have to connect to. At the same time the gatekeepers must become very alert for those who will come with a predatory spirit. Some will want to take advantage, but there will also be those genuine ones not looking for something to get out of it, but looking for something to come out of it for the nation and nations

6) Some kind of false religious conglomeration looking to come together to establish a false authority in this city in this next season. Education has been targeted – looking for money and favour in education – because it’s a parody of what God is coming to do. Therefore have to look for an impact on the children of the city. Children are becoming a major focus – not just here. Where ministries are willing to invest into children there will be a blessing that flows back out of all proportion – even financial favour

7) Leicester is destined to become a place that sons and daughters rise up out of the city – homegrown anointed sons and daughters of Leicester. Not just a city where outsiders come, but the born and bred of Leicestershire to go to the nations. So prophetically we must sow into the children of Leicester: an area of battle at the moment

8) Controversy and conflict in the house of God because of those who will try to over-correct what God is doing in this new flow. Life comes before order. Don’t get embroiled in the conflict or that will prolong it: God will marginalize it.

9) Heart motives will be brought to the surface. Those that have not yielded fully and try to use the power that is coming now will reap trouble.

10) The media will begin to publish testimonies. Favour from the media. But also a place of battle and conflict there

11)God has positioned Leicester as a major battleground for this nation. Governmental changes will take place outside London that will shape up Westminster: Leicester is one of those places. God will raise up different voices with a different ticket – political swings. Ride the storm: to do with changing the heart of the nation

12) God is going to put Leicester on the map in terms of a European mandate. Not just in the spirit, but practically connected/appointed re Europe. Not just a city amongst other cities, but being raised up, a pivotal place that is going to turn things. Many firsts in this city, beyond the size of the place – examples on CD track 9. Prototypical things to be released from here. A genuine apostolic council to be called for here, people raised up by God.



Things to declare over the city.

This is Leicester’s time and season in the land. The trumpet of God is sounding!
Time for the hidden ones to come out of the caves – intercessors and prophets.
House of Prayer to open in the city.
Calling for gatekeepers in the city – in education, health, media, arts, political realm, community and family life – trumpet sound to the gatekeepers.


Spirit of boldness and power, calling for the things prophesied above.
A window for power opening more over the coming months, not for the church but for the harvest field.
Let the trumpet sound, let the worshippers arise!
Dreams and revelation, for believers and unbelievers.